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6. prosince 2015 v 8:17
This is actually the 'Pepsi' dial form of the fantastically popular, classic SKX007, that has the initial black face & dial. Both 007 and 009 watches are equally sturdy, well-built, possess a great warranty, and therefore are created to hands lower to future decades. Are all licensed like a true dive watch, best to 200 Meters.

This SKX009 is robotically identical to the 007, same great fit and durable build. The only real difference may be the colour of the bezel and also the face.

There's a lot of great info and reviews on the 007 and 009 versions around the various online watch forums.

The 009 face is an extremely dark navy, almost a 'midnight' blue, difficult to tell within the Amazon . com photo. It appears almost black in many inside lighting, like a restaurant. The red-colored area of the bezel stretches a complete twenty minutes, 1/three of the total bezel (another 'Pepsi' dials only cover ten minutes from the bezel, the choice is yours that you simply prefer).

This watch has a stainless band (just like the 007), but can also be provided with a black rubber diver's band, usually for approximately $20 less. I put on my watches for diving on nylon material NATO straps, if you do not want a stainless band you could lay aside some cash having a different listing and also the rubber dive band version.

If you prefer a Pepsi dial, this Seiko is a superb choice. If you want an excellent Pepsi dial in a lower cost, browse the Orient brand Pepsi 'Mako' watch, available too here on Amazon . com. If you are after an indestructible serious Dive watch, choose Seiko. If you prefer a 200-meter-licensed but somewhat dressier feeling dive watch, browse the Orient Ray. Both of them are attractive and both of them are sturdy like a tank, but Orient is going to be about 40-50% under the Seiko, and helps make the crossover to some conservative office watch easily.

Anything you do, make certain you shop around, and make certain you purchase from an approved Seiko dealer (you are able to verify retailers on Seiko's website) so that your warranty is going to be valid. Beware 'grey' market retailers which might be selling factory seconds, refurbished's, trade-in's, Frankenwatches put together from salvage parts, or worse. Plenty of individuals on online auction marketplace sites.

I have been putting on the SKX009K2 for some time now, which watch has offered me well. Other testers might have already pointed out the inclination of these automatics to operate fast this appears componen for that course for this kind of watch generally then one the buyer ought to know about in advance before trading within an automatic. I have found quarta movement actions is the most dependable (particularly in this cost range), and thus individuals searching for better precision should purchase quarta movement. That being stated, this automatic is a superb value for that cost, durable, cheap and classy enough to put on between the shore to some formal dinner setting.

I acquired this watch nearly 6 several weeks ago, and it was attracted in by its background and nearly cult-like following on watch forums. I've been astounded by the quality since the first day, and contains a great heft around the wrist, but less that you simply feel weighted lower. I'd a few links taken off this guitar rock band to choose a far more snug fit, however i think others may choose a nato strap or rubber based on if you are planning to visit diving by using it. I have discovered that the stainless strap that is included with this watch is durable enough for many occasions, and works very well with many clothes.

The Fir-directional bezel is really quite helpful for timing short times. The red-colored styling supplies a great color contrast and enables you to definitely gauge passed time, even just in low light conditions. The lume within this watch is Vibrant. I've got a Luminox Blackout 3051, which Seiko is equally as vibrant because the gas-filled tubes utilized in the Luminox.

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