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6. prosince 2015 v 7:54
To begin with, for individuals individuals that do not know, the Seiko SKX007/009 are basically the spiritual successor towards the Seiko 6xxx diver's watches which were very popular as tool watches within the Vietnam War era. Instantly, it's difficult to differentiate between them - the primary variations to be the subtle variations within the situation shape and also the form of the indices evidently. The 007 may be the current black bezel version, the 009 has got the "Pepsi" red-colored/blue bezel for any little added color inside your existence. It utilizes a Seiko 7S26 automatic movement that is a decent reliable movement with simply a couple of disadvantages - more about that later. This watch shipped from warehouse in Kentucky unlike your comments ought to from some previous testers.

I have only had this specific watch out for a couple of hrs, and so i can't talk to the precision of the watch particularly, but I have been putting on a Seiko 5 with similar movement for several weeks now along with other of computer running slightly fast (quite normal to have an as they are mechanical movement that's never been controlled) I can not complain about this whatsoever. In order to this watch - without a doubt all of the little, worrying a few things i *don't* like about this, so that you can make an informed purchase. To begin with, the 7S26, unlike the Swiss ETA 2824-2 within my other dive watch (which, to become fair, cost about 5x just as much) can't be hands wound, nor will it "hack." What which means is, whenever you pull the crown to time setting position, the seconds hands keeps running, which means you cannot synchronize it towards the second having a time source like a the surface of the hour beep around the radio, an "atomic" clock (a real clock synchronized to WWVB, but that is another discussion) or even the NIST site. Not really a huge deal unless of course you are actually need that precision, and when you probably did, you would be putting on an "atomic" watch anyway. And also the "poor man's hack" creates this movement - set time, then hold just a little back pressure around the crown (transform it within the other direction very slightly towards the direction you'd transform it to succeed both your hands) which usually stops the 2nd hands.

Whenever your time source catches up, release, et voila, synchronized watch. Also, the bracelet will be kind, flimsy - quite normal for Seiko watches. I honestly bought the bracelet version only because because of the inscrutability that's Amazon . com it had been less expensive than the rubber strap version. I'm going to be putting this on the Mil-NATO strap I believe, but when you want bracelets, there's lots of aftermarket bracelets available far better compared to original Seiko ones - just the high-finish Seiko watches get great bracelets. Also, the bezel action is a touch light, although I've not put it on enough to find out if it ever rotates alone. This specific watch just turned up inside my door today, and so i haven't had an opportunity to observe how the lume lasts, but typically Seiko lume is all about just like it will get - if you would like some thing visible during the night, you will need to be searching at watches with tritium hands and indices. The bezel place is printed, not engraved, for which it's worth, and also the very is "hardlex" (a Seiko proprietary hardened mineral very material) that is less scratch resistant than azure but really a little bit more impact-resistant. (won by you some, you lose some. And I am unaware of any watch only at that cost point w/ a genuine azure very anyway.)

All nevertheless - if you have so far as reading through this review, you most likely must proceed and purchase this watch. It's damn near a symbol in the realm of tool watches. It appears good without having to be a duplicate of somebody else's design (the number of Rolex watch Submariner homages will the world actually need?) and simultaneously is definitely an evolution of the design that's a vintage on its own. Seiko constitutes a hell of the movement, I've pointless to doubt the 200m rating, and when you want near-quarta movement precision from this, just put on it daily for any couple of months to allow it burglary after which go for your local watch manufacturing company and also have him regulate it for you personally. $150 (I see now it's $145?) for any quality automatic waterproof watch filled with screw lower crown isn't a bad deal whatsoever.

Anyway, far above everything, for additional watch-geekery goodness, there is a decent sized aftermarket available with various bezel card inserts, hands, dial faces, etc. with this number of Seiko watches for individuals that have to have something different.

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